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Our Platform Assists Employers in Meeting Their Fiduciary Obligations and Helps Administrators Fulfill Their Duties



  • System access levels administration, auditor, broker, recipient…


  • System security set-up to work with e-mail and on your own server. 


  • Recipients [Employees, Non-employees, Enrollees, Beneficiaries, Deskless]


  • Deskless planning


       -  Electronic information systems integral with work duties.  Any employee required to clock in, train,

          receive daily instruction or use email, may qualify for electronic disclosure without consent.


  • Non- employee planning


       -  Terminated consent to personal e-mail address




  • Calendar [Open Enrollment, Changes, Other Events]


  • What is important! Flag certain items using the “envelope” feature, for the recipient so that 

       the significance of the communication is clear and concise on the fact of the transmission. 


  • Include any standard language or disclaimers appropriate to that type of disclosure 




  • Did they get it? Confirm electronic receipt and allow user response and verification of 



  • Did they consent? a notice will be generated with a reply so that consent can be 

       collected in a way that we know there was access to informed consent that remains valid.




   - to continually improve the process and attain the goals:


  • Help protect the plan sponsor


  • Assist the administrator in performing their duties


  • Aid employees in making informed decisions